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Software for visualising crystals and magnets

Author Tom Lancaster /

last updated 15 December 2006 (see change log)

On this page you’ll find the latest versions of my software for calculating atomic positions and displaying them along with magnetic structure using POVray. It was intended as part of my dipole field program, but works quite well on its own. Here’s the sort of thing you can produce: BiMnO_{3}

By specifying the space group and an atomic position will create a file of all atomic positions. You can then use this to create a POVray scene using If you have a magnetic structure you can display that too.

Programs for download

The source code may be downloaded here:

A simple instruction leaflet is on its way. In the meantime try unpacking the tarball, then run followed by Then have a look at the source…

Change log

  • 14 December 2006: First versions of software released on the web.